High Five Spoilers


high fiver


Raman sees Romi talking with Ashok. Raman sees Romi giving some file to Ashok, and a misunderstanding develops. Raman scolds Romi. Raman and Romi have a big fight in the rain outside their flat building. The brothers hurt each other a lot. Their fight begins by an argument. They both came together for Ruhi, but could not act for long. Adi stops their fight and asks them to think about Ruhi, how would she feel seeing them fighting like enemies, do they not want Ruhi to stay with them. Later, Raman makes Ishita sleep and falls asleep. He gets backache and neck sprain. Doctor checks Raman and asks Raman to sleep well, when he has king size bed. Raman and Ishita have got their mohabbatein again. The family showers love on Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla, Mrs. Iyer and Ishita feed Ruhi with love. Ruhi’s heart is melting towards her family.


Tanu and Rishi are dancing with their partners, but have their eyes on each other. There is someone who has a knife and is upto some dangerous motive. Rishi and Tanu then dance together. Janam janam………plays… Rishi is close to his love. Tanu and Pavan’s sangeet is going on. Rishi can’t get away from Tanu. The togetherness is of few moments, as Rishi is made to leave by Pavan. Pavan hires a goon to kill Rishi. The man aims to throw the knife at Rishi.


Abhi beats Champak and pushes him towards the railing. Purab stops Abhi. Abhi’s anger reached the top, he wants to kill Champak today, as Champak’s truth has come out. He hangs Champak in the air, and Champak agrees to tell the truth to him. Champak’s truth has come out. Abhi wants to know who gave money to Champak to do all this drama. Champak tells Abhi that he will tell the entire truth and begs for his life. Tanu and Nikhil get worried. Pragya is missing in the scene. Let’s see Champak tells Tanu’s truth or not.


Neil scolded Roshni in anger. Neil was drunk and misbehaved with Roshni. Neil finds Roshni very upset. Neil gets chocolates for her. Neil takes Roshni on dinner to make up to her. Neil surprises Roshni by showering flowers on her. He apologizes to her. He kisses her hand and hugs her. A waiter calls Roshni as Mrs. Khurana. Neil gets upset again. Roshni wants Neil to behave well with her, so that Roshni believes he is a good man. Roshni says I m scared of him, he is super sweet after doing mistake, this behavior does not work for her.


Swara is scared and hugs Sanskaar. Mohabbat hai……… plays……….Swara and Sanskar are at some place. Sanskar kidnapped Swara and got her somewhere, not to harm her, but to make her realize his goodness. Maybe Swara’s heart is melting by their moments. He covers Swara by his jacket and takes care of her. Swara realized Sanskar is a good person and loves her a lot. Swara will expose Parineeta.


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