Top Twisty Surprise Spoilers





The goons follow Raman and Ishita to Agarwal’s house. They aim the gun at the couple. Raman is fed up of explaining. Raman has become scared seeing the gun, and sits tensed. He gets speechless infront of the goons. Raman tells them that he will give them money on behalf of Mr. Agarwal, and asks them to spare their lives. Ishita says we won’t give any money, why should we. Raman asks them to see Ishita, and scolds Ishita saying its my money, why she is interfering. He is angry as Ishita took him to Agarwals’ reserved table. Raman then makes goons busy in talk and beats them.

Kuch Rang PKAB:

There is sangeet function going on. Neha is going to get married to the guy she loves. After praying to the Ganesh idol, the family members celebrate. They dance and are very happy. Neha’s parents dance on a retro song. Ishwari is happy that Neha got a suitable husband. She likes the guy and his family, and is content with Neha’s future. Dev and Sonakshi have a dance and have secret romance. Their love story is slowly going on. Dev is happy for Neha’s marriage. Sonakshi is attending a function at Dev’s house for the first time. She will soon turn into Dev’s family member soon. Dev and Sonakshi’s marriage will be next after Neha’s.


Raja and Rani romance in naughty way. Rani walks in sleepy state and falls over Raja. Their friendship turned into love. Rani is mad in love of Raja. Rani touches Raja’s face. They have come close. Raja is sleeping and Rani stares at him with love. Raja looks cute to Rani. Raja makes excuse of sleep and expresses his feelings to Rani. Raja is acting and confessing love. He hugs Rani. Rani checks is he really sleeping or acting. Rani will also confess love soon. Rani goes and Raja smiles seeing her.


Ganga and Sagar are getting married. Sagar smiles seeing Ganga. Ganga dresses as the bride. Everyone is happy with the marriage. The widows take Ganga to the mandap. Ganga’s life will get all the happiness and colors back.


Roshni’s truth to be Sid’s wife came out to Neil. Neil scolds Roshni and asks her not to give any explanation now. Neil got cheated in love. Neil understood Roshni just loves Sid and gets heartbroken. Roshni sees Neil sitting on the road and crying, while its raining heavily. She tries to convince him to come with her. Neil gets angry. Neil is crying and drinking wine. Neil’s anger gets too high seeing Sid there. Neil confronts Roshni and Sid for fooling him. Neil beats Sid. Sid does not defend and calms down Neil. Roshni and Sid try to take Neil home.


Gopi gets to know that Paridhi is behind all the wrong things at home. Gopi goes to confront Paridhi. Jigar stops Gopi and scolds her. Mona is behind the trouble, but Paridhi gets the blame.


Sandhya tries to make Barfi. She has to win the competition. She imagines Sooraj training her, and they both spend good moments. Sooraj gets to cooking again and makes good sweets. Sandhya dreams that Sooraj is helping her in making sweets. Sooraj asked everyone not to help Sandhya. Sandhya has to give big test and learn halwai work on her own.



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