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Neil has been changing a lot. Neil gets drunk and asks Roshni about her puja and purity. Neil misbehaves with Roshni, when Sid comes to explain Neil, Neil pushes Sid and gets angry. Neil has lost his senses being drunk. Sid slaps Neil and gets Neil back to senses. Neil did another drama after having slap. He has thrown the dish cooked by Roshni and troubles her. Roshni was shocked seeing Neil’s behavior. Neil is heartbroken, he has seen Sid and Roshni in arms, they were drunk that time. Neil is angry as he feels they both love each other. Neil is getting his frustration out. Roshni will get kidnapped again. The show has more kidnapping and memory loss drama, and bit of romance is seen always.


Ruhi decides to get Raman and Ishita married. Shagun is also happy and participating in the preparations with her heart. Mrs. Bhalla convinces Raman to marry Ishita. Adi and Ruhi take care of arrangements. The equations between Raman and Romi are also getting better. Ruhi is uniting Raman and Ishita unknowingly.


Ram is going to free Sita from Raavan’s clutches. Ram has gone for the mega war between him and Raavan. Ram and entire Vanar sena reach Lanka battle ground. Raavan’s army is headed by Raavan being in his chariot. Raavan laughs off at Ram, and does not know his death is close. Meghnadh too accompanies his father to do his duty. Hanuman blows the shank and initiates the battle between Ram and Raavan. Ram gives final chance to Raavan to backout. Raavan does not listen and has all his pride. Ram and Raavan strike the arrows at each other. Sita awaits Ram’s victory. Ram aims more arrows at Raavan, which overpowers Raavan’s magical tricks. Sita has full belief in Sita, and senses Ram’s arrival.


Sahil had kidnapped Swara and pressurized her to marry him. Swara and Sahil are marrying as per Swara’s trick to get Sahil caught. Swara gets Sahil to the mall to get him arrested. Sanskar comes there to the mall to trap Sahil, but Swara sees someone has aimed gun at Sanskar. She changed her plan and goes with Sahil. Police reached the mandap, and there was smoke everywhere. Police arrested Sahil and that united Swara and Sanskar. Swara slaps Sahil and shocks him by revealing her plan to him. Sahil feels he got cheated and gets in shock that he loved Swara.


Arjun’s step brother Rajveer has come as his new enemy. Rajveer wants to kill Arjun, knowing Arjun has the Naagmani inside him. Rajveer is doing everything possible to trouble Arjun. He scares Arjun by getting close to Arjun’s family. Arjun asks Rajveer to stay away from his little sister.


Rashmi’s necklace gets stolen by the goons. Akshara goes to find the necklace as Gayu has emotions linked with the necklace. Akshara has fallen in problem as the goons catch her. Naira comes to her rescue and they together fight with the goons. Kartik has also reached there and beats the goons. Naira hugs Akshara and their distance and misunderstandings are ending. Later, the girls keep a Halloween theme hen’s party for Rose and enjoy a lot. While the boys keep a cowboy theme bachelor’s party. Kartik sees the Naira and Gayu as ghosts and get too scared. The boys did not know the girls are also partying at same place. The boys run seeing the girls, assuming them to be real ghosts.


Thapki feels Bihaan met with an accident, after seeing his bike damaged. Thapki comes home crying and worries. Everyone is ready for the photoshoot, and she gets surprised seeing Bihaan at home and fine. Thapki goes to Bihaan and tries to tell him what Dhruv is doing to stop their marriage. Bihaan finds her crying and wipes her tears. He hugs Thapki and cheers her up. They both wear the rocking groom and bride glasses, and pose in the pre wedding photoshoot. Everyone get dressed and get cool photos clicked.


Sooraj has got fine and recovered from paralysis. Bhabho has named Sooraj’s daughter as Kanak. Sooraj expresses his desire of seeing Sandhya in her police uniform again. He requests Sandhya to return his happiness. Sooraj gets back to his sweet shop and starts working as halwai again. He asks Sandhya to join her job again. Entire family agree with Sooraj and convince Sandhya to pursue her happiness ad dreams again. Sandhya has rejoined her police duty. Everyone in the department welcome Sandhya well. The staff asks Sandhya to make jalebis for them.


Raja and Rani are dancing with different partners and getting jealous. Rani says its birthday party, Raja is getting jealous as Rani is dancing with Jeevan. Raja dances with Lovely. Main Agar Kahoon…..plays………. There is a twist in this happy atmosphere. Raja and Jeevan have a fight. Rani comes in between and stops Raja. Raja is angry as Jeevan holds Rani and is touching her. Jeevan gets close to Rani. Raja loses temper and beats Jeevan red and blue. Rani came in between as always and stopped the fight. Rani goes away and slips. Raja goes to care for her, and holds her aching foot. Raja’s care expresses his love for Rani. Rani gets emotional seeing Raja’s genuine concern for her.


Rishi and Tanu have eloped. Rishi runs a chariot while Tanu lies unconscious. They reach the Kali temple. Rishi prays to Kail Maa and says you have helped us run away and made us reach here. Rishi fills sindoor in Tanu’s maang and they get married. The viewers were waiting long for this track. Tanu is shocked and does not know to celebrate or cry. Her heart knows Rishi did right thing, but her mind is thinking of her family. Tanu tries to explain Rishi. But Rishi is not ready to listen anything.


Chakor and Suraj got married and their wedding night has come. They both hate each other. Suraj refuses to give divorce to Chakor. Tejaswini makes Chakor ready as the bride and sends her to Suraj. Chakor is helpless and crying. Suraj laughs seeing Chakor helpless. Suraj tries to get close to Chakor. He knows Chakor will not allow him to stay in room. Suraj is troubling Chakor a lot, and wants to control Chakor all the time. Suraj threatens Chakor that he will send Imli to jail for Bhaiya ji’s murder blame.



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