Yash and Rose’s pre-marriage functions get rocking


yeh ris

Rashmi’s necklace gets stolen by the goons. Akshara goes to find the necklace as Gayu has emotions linked with the necklace. Akshara has fallen in problem as the goons catch her. Naira comes to her rescue and they together fight with the goons. Kartik has also reached there and beats the goons. Naira hugs Akshara and their distance and misunderstandings are ending. Later, the girls keep a Halloween theme hen’s party for Rose and enjoy a lot. While the boys keep a cowboy theme bachelor’s party. Kartik sees the Naira and Gayu as ghosts and get too scared. The boys did not know the girls are also partying at same place. The boys run seeing the girls, assuming them to be real ghosts.



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