TR’s Median Spoilers Zing


Median zing spoilers

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya is kidnapped by Tanu. She cries and is tied by ropes to the chair. Hamari adhuri kahani……………plays………. Tanu has kidnapped Pragya and Abhi is still eyes closed. Abhi does not realize Tanu’s truth. Tanu got Pragya kidnapped so that she can get Abhi. Abhi has missed Pragya from his heart, and he imagines Pragya. Abhi’s eyes had tears and Pragya has accepted him with smile, there is union time after a long time. There is promo shoot where Tanu is getting exposed. Tanu is going away in darkness and Pragya’s smile is coming back. Tanu worries doctor may say her truth to Abhi. Pragya will get doctor and make her say truth that Tanu’s baby is not of Abhi. But as of now, Abhi has signed divorce papers. He sees the photos and cries. His hand bleeds and he tries to hug Pragya. She disappears and Abhi gets sad. Tanu is rejoicing on her happiness, but Dadi’s one slap ruins her happiness. Tanu knew everything and angrily slapped Tanu. Tanu will get Abhi’s slap too.


Bhuvan has done Chakor’s last rites infront of her. Chakor cries and asks Kasturi and Bhuvan not to do this. Kasturi asks Chakor why did she marry Suraj. Chakor lies that she loves Suraj. Bhuvan gets very angry and shouts on Chakor. Chakor loses her parents.


Gopi tells Kokila that they have lost. She asks Dr. Krishna to show the pictures. He shows the pics on projector shocking Gopi. They have designed the saree well. Dr. Krishna made the presentation all night and hopes client Rama like the presentation. Dr. Krishna suggests Gopi, Kokila and all the women associated with their business to do modelling wearing the sarees. Gopi wins the contract for Gujarati sarees order, as she holds an amazing fashion show.
Later, Gopi dances during Sona’s goad bharayi and hugs her. Even Vidya and Meera joins her with Tolu. Urmila dances with them happily. Paridhi is upto some conspiracy. Urmila senses that something is wrong.


Tanu is married to Rishi and is happy. Suspense is waiting in the show. The temple bell rings heavily and wind is blown surprising them. Pavan might catch them. Tanu will die after Pavan attacks Rishi. She will take a rebirth and will have a new face after the leap. Rishi and Tanu are starting their new life post marriage. They both reach Kali Maa temple and hold hands to pray together. Their dramatic marriage got completed, but there will be romance and big twists in the show.


Ragini faints and everyone get worried for her. Everyone think its because of Ragini’s pregnancy. Laksh wonders if Ragini is really pregnant or acting to cover up Annapurna’s pregnancy. Doctor checks up Ragini and says she fainted because of weakness. Laksh and Ragini worry that fake pregnancy truth can come out infront of family.


Aru gets to know she is pregnant. She calls Aarav asking him to marry him and gives her pregnancy news. Aarav asks her to meet him. Shockingly, Aarav plans a trick and calls Aru to such place where surrogate mothers are present. The police raids the place and arrests Aru along with other women.

Balika Vadhu:

Nandini is drunk and romancing with Krish. Krish does not know how Nandini got drunk. Nandini loses senses and acts weird, but sweet towards Krish. Nandini dances on Budda mil gaya…. and expresses her love for Krish. Nandini is doing this to make up to Krish. Krish was annoyed with her and slept on the ground. Krish does not talk to her. He is angry with his wife and worried thinking from where did she get drunk. Krish’s anger goes seeing her dancing and expressing love.


Mihir, Mani and Shagun come forward to find Ishita. Mihir gets some idea to meet Ashok and know about Ishita. Raman says Ashok knows you love me as a brother, he won’t tell you anything. Shagun says I will meet Ashok, he will believe me, I will trick him. Ruhi worries for Ishita and says she will find Ishi Maa. Ruhi and Adi miss Ishita. Niddhi and Ashok got Ishita kidnapped. Ishita’s kidnapping ended all the misunderstandings in the family. Ruhi understood that Ishita is kidnapped. Ruhi doubts that some family member is behind this kidnapping, not Niddhi. Ishita will be found soon.


Rose is upset and refuses to go for haldi. Naksh dresses in Rose and sits for haldi. Akshara sees Naksh in ghunghat, and confronts Gayu and Yash for it. Akshara also supports the youngsters. Rukmani goes to lift ghunghat. Naira and Kartik start fighting and get everyone’s attention to them. Naksh runs from there. Naira saves Naksh. Naira, Gayu and everyone try to convince Rose.



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