Ragini-Sumi’s truth revelation shatters many hopes



Swara dances on Solah Shringhaar…. and is celebrating in Ragini’s godh bharai. Sanskar dances with Swara. Ragini sits tensed. Sanskar shows baby steps and does drama. Maheshwari family is excited to welcome the new member, and dancing. Ragini feels irritated as its godh bharai, and she is not pregnant. Parineeti dons a ghunghat and dances around Ragini. She pushes Ragini and makes her fall. Swara screams seeing Ragini. Ragini says everyone misunderstand me again. Its good that Swara and Sanskar are supporting Ragini. Laksh is hurt that they are playing with everyone’s emotions, but he planned all this to save Sumi’s baby. Parineeta has told Swara the truth of Sumi’s pregnancy.

Swara and Ragini’s inlaws have slapping drama always. Ragini got slaps today. Swara asks Ragini why did she cheat them, and gets angry on her sister in law for slapping Ragini. Ragini’s fake pregnancy is exposed. The family got to know this truth and is angry on Ragini, they don’t know Ragini is covering up Sumi’s pregnancy. Ragini tries to hide her mum’s pregnancy. There is dramatic revelation when the fake stomach belly/pillow is removed by Ragini’s Bhabhi. Everyone was enjoying Ragini’s godh bharai function. Swara did not know anything and scolded Ragini. Ragini’s mum in law scolds Sumi. Sumi has heard everything silently, but when Annapurna raised hand on Ragini, Sumi could not stop herself. Sumi tells her pregnancy truth and cries. Ragini has saved Sumi’s respect.




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