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Thapki is a very nice show connecting to all the masses. It’s a family drama and worth watching. I am always impressed by Thapki innocence and truthfulness. Women of every age like Thapki for her simplicity and straightforwardness. Teenagers have chosen Thapki as their favourite icon while Thapki impressed the older generation as the favorite bahu or beti. Basically this is a show which is neat, without any extramarital affairs, where we can see along with our kids. But now the show has taken a turn by making Dhruv Pandey’s character negative and grey. Thapki and Bihaan love each other and they are very happy. But Dhruv can’t digest this fact and trying hard to win back Thapki in his life again, even plans to kill his own brother… I think the creative team should not make the story lengthy and expose Dhruv’s evil intentions in front of the family very soon. We want to see Thapki’s and Bihaan’s marriage and their happiness.

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One response to “HAVE YOUR SAY!! — Shweta on TPK”

  1. Rose Avatar

    Thahaan wedding would mean ending of the serial..so this will go on for aaaa loonggg tiiimeeee..

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