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Pragya and Tanu have an argument. Abhi holds his head and asks Pragya to stop it. Pragya tells him that Tanu is cheating him. Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya is playing this game. Tanu is planning again and saying many lies. As always, Pragya is her target. Tanu asks Pragya to tell Abhi that she wanted to kidnap Pragya, and did her accident, you are the reason of my miscarriage. She cries and gets Abhi’s sympathy. Tanu is saying lie to Abhi and putting blame on Pragya. Abhi is also believing Tanu and cursing himself.


Ishita is in love and started nok jhok with Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks them not to argue. Raman is going to catch kidnappers, and Ishita gets adamant to go with him. He scolds her and asks her not to go anywhere. She goes to police to her details of the kidnappers. Raman gets to know this and gets angry. Ishita and Raman will find the kidnapper soon. Ishita cooks for Raman and is all smiling thinking of Raman.


Dhruv thanks Shraddha for wearing Thapki’s clothes and getting Thapki back in her life. He knows Shraddha is helping Thapki and asks her to help him against Bihaan. He says I have seen Thapki’s clothes in her cupboard and blackmails her about her attempt to get Thapki killed. He says I have those two goons whom you sent to put Thapki in tree and kill her. She asks how can you blackmail me. He warns her and says if you try to harm my Thapki, you will be hanged, I will punish and hang you.


Aarav calls Arundhati and gets his anger out by bitter words. He humiliates her for using her pregnancy to use sympathy. He blames her for eyeing his property. She says I will keep my baby away from you. He laughs and tells her that she will beg for her rights when life slaps her. She assures him that this won’t happen. He asks her to prove it, and sign on legal papers that she won’t have to do anything with his property. She asks him to keep papers ready, and gets ready to sign. Arundhati calls Aarav to some lonely place by deceive. He sends a known lawyer and makes Arundhati sit in wrong office. Arundhati does not know Aarav’s plan and gets framed in surrogacy racket. Arundhati gets slapped by inspector and arrested.


Meera and Vidya are fighting about Priyal. Meera decided to send Priyal to boarding school and Vidya is angry with Meera. Meera has cheated and taken Vidya and Shravan’s sign on adoption papers. Meera has got Priyal now and Vidya is not aware of it. Meera tells Vidya that Priyal is her daughter and she will take decision.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant:

Rajni gets a makeover and has become vamp bahu Komolika. The family gets surprised seeing her. Rajni is exploring her grey shade and is troubling Shaan. She wants to prove Samaira as a good bahu, and that’s why turned bad bahu for everyone.


Kartik and Naira’s relation formation started. Naira gives Mishti’s love letter to Kartik, which is actually sent by Gayu. They have a talk and her earrings falls down. She refuses to take his help and scolds him. Naira hides under the table to find her earring. Kartik too gets under the table and makes her wear her earring. Naira started liking him, but she wants to run away from him. Kartik gets confused and thinks Gayu’s I love you letter is by Naira. He gets glad. Martha gets happy seeing Rose’s welcome after marriage. Akshara tries to spread happiness and misses Naitik.


Aradhya has come to save Aryan’s life. Aradhya and Aryan got together to save a girl from becoming a Devdaasi. Aryan is blamed to have an affair with that girl. But Aradhya knows Aryan is innocent. Aradhya sees Aryan tied and wounded, caught by the goons. Aryan gets surprised seeing Aradhya there and feels her concern. She frees Aryan. The goon pushes Aradhya. Aryan gets angry seeing that and beats the goons. Aradhya and Aryan run from there. The girl will be getting in between Aradhya and Aryan’s love story.


Rishi and Tanu go to a dhaba to have food. He talks to Tanu and drinks tea with her. They both romance and he is very happy. The people see them romancing over tea. The goons are also at same dhaba. Tanu goes to washroom. The goons kidnap Rishi and beat him up. Rishi’s Papa declares that whoever gets Rishi home will be given big amount. All the goons become Rishi’s enemy. Tanu sees the goons taking Rishi and runs to save him. Their love story is going to become painful one.



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