Confusion, love and romance ahead in Yeh Rishta…


yeh rishta5

Kartik and Naira’s relation formation started. Naira gives Mishti’s love letter to Kartik, which is actually sent by Gayu. They have a talk and her earrings falls down. She refuses to take his help and scolds him. Naira hides under the table to find her earring. Kartik too gets under the table and makes her wear her earring. Naira started liking him, but she wants to run away from him. Kartik gets confused and thinks Gayu’s I love you letter is by Naira. He gets glad. Martha gets happy seeing Rose’s welcome after marriage. Akshara tries to spread happiness and misses Naitik.

Yash and Rose will be seen romancing in the rain, post their marriage. Their first outing gets special. Rose’s filmi romance wish gets fulfilled by Yash. There will be a new entry of a love interest opposite Naksh. Keep reading.


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