TR Round Up Spoilers



Thapki has gone to help Dhruv. She gets Dhruv’s love letter and gets angry. She scolds him. He asks her not to misunderstand him and the letter is old. He shows the old date. He apologizes to her and Shraddha. She is in dilemma whether to believe Dhruv or not. She leaves. Bihaan comes and asks Dhruv about Thapki. Dhruv tells him about appointment letter, Thapki wants to join my channel, but she changed her mind and has torn the letter by killing her desires. Bihaan worries thinking why did Thapki not share this with him.


Mere Angne Mein:

Everyone plans to win Preeti’s heart by giving her a surprise on her birthday. They all secretly plan Preeti’s surprise birthday party and hope that Preeti’s perception towards them will change. Sarla and Pari decide to ruin Preeti’s birthday party and fail Riya’s plans.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door:

Vividha confesses her love to Atharv, which brings the lovers together. Atharv plans a beautiful date for Vividha to cheer her mood and celebrate their love. Meanwhile, Atharv’s father has come back. Atharv is unaware of this fact. Kailash meets Atharv and asks about his father.

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Shivaye tries to make Anika admit that her honesty and self esteem can be bought for a price. He throws money on her and shows his attitude. He gets shocked to know that Anika would be using that thrown money to plan his wedding. He gets angry to lose out to Anika, as all of his plans fail. Anika gets a catering contract and works in the place where Shivaye and TRia’s marriage is going to happen. Shivaye reaches the place and comes across her.


Raavan sends his soldiers to wake up Kumbhkaran. Raavan commands Kumbhkaran to go in the battle field. Kumbhkarana refuses and tries to explain Raavan to leave this crazy thought of defeating Ram. Even then, Kumbhkaran fails to put sense in Raavan’s mind. Raavan insists and sends Kumbhkaran into the battle fields. Kumbhkaran meets Vibhishan and tells him that he does not wish to get involved in this Dharm Yudh against Ram, but he has to support his family. Kumbhkaran proceeds to wreak mayhem in Ram’s camp.

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Raja and Rani are confessing love, and the sky and stars are witnessing their love. Raja says its great romantic moment, and our exam result is tomorrow. Raja has seen Rani talking to stars and got mesmerized. There will be kissing scene in the show.


Ruhi is upset and Ishita showers love on her. Ishita ties her hair pleats. Ruhi is talking with Ishita well after a long time. Ruhi did not have food, and Ishita pacifies her. Ruhi asks why is everything hidden, things got different. Sshe says Raman and Romi are business rivals, Romi came here for me and he will leave, Pihu does not know you are her real mother. Ruhi has many questions in her heart. Ishita knows Ruhi does not have food when she has something going on in her mind. Ruhi shares everything with her.


Yash and Rose will be seen romancing in the rain, post their marriage. Their first outing gets special. Rose’s filmi romance wish gets fulfilled by Yash.


Simar’s Godhbharai happens. Prerna dances on Solha Shringaar… Prerna and Khushi celebrate with her, but the entire family is not happy with Kaal’s baby in her womb. Prem’s mum tries to harm Simar and the baby while gifting her. All the members are against Simar, and the devil’s baby. Simar will be leaving her inlaws after her delivery.



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