TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week

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Ishita and Simmi go to police station and get glad seeing ACP Abhishek. Abhishek joins back in police department and is out of guilt of losing Ishita and Ruhi by his incapabilities towards his service. Abhishek will be exposing Shagun and Anil’s plannings. Abhishek is demoted to senior inspector post from ACP, and has reinstated after staying in rehab for few months. Abhishek asks Ishita to be alert, as kidnapper is not arrested till now. Ishita congratulates Abhishek for resuming duty. Ishita is preparing for Shagun and Mani’s marriage. Ishita buys some jewelry. Mihir accompanies Ishita in the arrangements. There is much confusion about the marriage, and Ishita will be trapped again.


Meera and Vidya have a heated argument. Vidya shouts and scolds Meera angrily. Vidya has been silently bearing everything till now. She asks Meera not to challenge a mother. She determines to get her daughter back. Vidya tells Meera that she understood all of Meera’s plan and now she will fight back. She can’t trust Meera, as Meera has hurt Gopi a lot. Meera cries when Gopi’s name comes. Vidya says Meera can’t become a mother as she does not deserve to become mother. She says a mother can never think to make another mother away from her child, Meera does not know motherly love. Vidya says she will win this fight for her daughter Priyal.

Jamai Raja:

Roshni is drunk and behaving strange. Roshni has come to her senses in some time. It is not Roshni’s mistake. She ate halwa and she got drunk by it. Payal has added some drugs in halwa and wanted Roshni to sign on property papers. Roshni slaps Payal in drunken state and scolds her saying bad about her. She makes fun of Payal.


Naira misses to submit the dance academy form on time and gets sad that she can’t make Naitik’s dream true. Kartik meets Naira. Naira is upset and crying. Kartik dreams to cheer up Naira and make her feel special. He lifts Naira and makes her rest. He cares for her. Kartik acts as frog and makes her smile.


Thapki and Shraddha stand in the fire ring and ask Bihaan to help them first. Bihaan gets confused and runs to save his Bhabhi Shraddha first. Thapki argues with Bihaan saying Shraddha is more important for him. Bihaan tells her that Shraddha was close to fire, and Thapki was at some distance. Thapki did this to clear the misunderstanding between them, as Dhruv played similar trick to break Bihaan’s trust on Thapki, when Thapki saved Dhruv before Bihaan.

Kuch Rang PKAB:

Ishwari is annoyed with Dev and Sonakshi. She makes food in traditional stove. She gets her frustration out. Dev tries to stop Ishwari, while she does not listen. Ishwari was expecting Dev to tell her about Sonakshi. Dev did not tell her, and Ishwari got to know from someone else. She is angry and disappointed with Dev. She feels insecure knowing about Sonakshi. Ishwari is affected as Dev is not balancing between her mum and lover. Mama and Mami are planning to create a new hurdle in Dev’s life.


Raja asks Rani to make his name’s tattooed on her hand. Rani agrees to him and goes to get tattoo made, but she fails to bear the pain. She makes the person stop making tattoo and just Raja’s initial R gets on her hand. Raja gets upset with her.



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