Much drama around Gopi and Pramila’s equations


Urmila becomes Gopi and is serving Krishna’s mother. Gopi has many duties on her. Pramila asks Gopi to take care of house too. Gopi is managing home and business. She is trying to balance well. But Gopi thinks she is failing to strike balance. Urmila tells Gopi that she will serve Gopi’s mum in law till Gopi finishes her work. Urmila dresses like Gopi, and goes to Pramila. Pari and Mona see Urmila in Gopi’s attire, and try to tell truth to Pramila.

On the other hand, Meera and Vidya have a heated argument. Vidya shouts and scolds Meera angrily. Vidya has been silently bearing everything till now. She asks Meera not to challenge a mother. She determines to get her daughter back. Vidya tells Meera that she understood all of Meera’s plan and now she will fight back. She can’t trust Meera, as Meera has hurt Gopi a lot. Meera cries when Gopi’s name comes. Vidya says Meera can’t become a mother as she does not deserve to become mother. She says a mother can never think to make another mother away from her child, Meera does not know motherly love. Vidya says she will win this fight for her daughter Priyal.


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