Jigar meets with an accident


Things aren’t getting fine in Modi bhavan. Gopi faces many ups and downs. She is married to Dr. Krishna and still facing bitterness from Jigar, Paridhi and Sona. Gopi and Kokila are known to be savior combo. They save each other from every trouble and are still seen supporting each other.

On the other hand, Pramila is making more troubles for Gopi. She sends the maids to decorate Gopi and Krishna’s room. Pramila wants Gopi to start new life with Krishna. But Gopi is not ready. Kokila supports Gopi. She tells Pratima that Gopi has gone to find out Jigar, who did not come home till now, and family is worried. It has to be seen how Gopi gets herself out of this problem. Unfortunately, Jigar has met with an accident. Injured Jigar manages to come home. Paridhi worries for him. Jigar feels Gopi has done his accident. Gopi is worried because of Jigar.


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