Rebirth drama begins with a love triangle

Tanuja's entry next...


The rebirth drama finally started. The new girl Tanuja is soon going to enter Rishi’s heart and fulfill all the promises made to him. Rishi has lost belief in love and Lord. He thinks no forces can get his love back to him. Rishi’s challenge to the Lord has got his ladylove return in his life. During a sad intense moment, Rishi sees the moon from the window. He misses Tanu and shuts the window angrily. He recalls their sweet love memories and then Tanu’s death. Rishi sees Tanu’s shadow in the moon and feels how unjust has destiny been with him.

There are many changes in Bedi family now. Tanu will come back as Tanuja. Yuvi’s son Nakul will become second lead opposite her. Tanuja has to enter Rishi’s life, which seems very close.


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