Thapki to give Agni Pariksha to win Bihaan’s trust

Will Thapki succeed?


Thapki challenged Dhruv that he can never stop Bihaan and her marriage. She thinks of something to convince Bihaan. She comes up with an idea to use their memories. Thapki makes the video collage to win Bihaan’s trust back. She made DVD which had the video of their romantic moments, but Dhruv has changed the DVD. Thapki gets Bihaan to the room to surprise him.


Bihaan and his friends sit to watch. The other DVD had all bad moments of pre wedding party, where Bihaan did Naagin dance and people joked on him. Bihaan gets more hurt seeing the bad memories, and leaves from home. Bihaan gets very annoyed with Thapki and does not want to listen to her. She asks him to just listen. His anger does not get low and he scolds her a lot. She asks him to kill her, but she won’t let him go away.


Bihaan agrees to hear her out, by her constant requests. Thapki would be giving an Agniparkisha to win his trust. The special one-hour episode will be seen on 30th July 2016.


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