High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love


Pramila makes arrangements for Gopi and Krishna’s wedding night. Gopi gets in dilemma. Krishna eases out her problems and apologizes to her from his mother’s behalf. He promises her that he won’t do anything that would hurt her sentiments.




Dhaani and Parshiya’s haldi ritual is happening. They both have a photoshoot. When photographer asks them to stand close, Parshiya reacts silly, which makes Dhaani smile. Dhaani gets in Viplav’s memories.



Chakor is telling everyone about her and Suraj’s love story. Chakor cooks a fake story and surprises Suraj saying she has swapped the brides as she was madly in love with Suraj.



Zeenat is remarrying and the marriage arrangements have begun. Zeenat is marrying Pervez, who is a lawyer by profession and always supported him. Everyone suggests Zeenat to marry Pervez, who loves her and is ready to accept her child. Zeenat gets convinced. But Pervez is marrying Zeenat for a hidden motive, which will be revealed later.

May I Come In Madam:

Sajan is fooled by Sanjana and Bhupesh. He falls in new problem. Bhupesh acts to die, and Sanju takes Bhupesh to bury his body. Sanju digs the soil, and Dadi appears there. Sanju gets worried to answer Dadi’s questions.




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