Ishita realizes Adi’s feelings for Aaliya


Entire family wants to get Raman and Ishita married. Ishita and Raman avoid the discussion. Ishita wants to focus on Shagun’s marriage with Mani. Adi tells Ishita that Aaliya is not willing heartily to accept Shagun as her mother. Mihir hears them and goes to explain Aaliya once again. Aaliya likes Mihir’s mature take on life and gives her nod once again. Ishita too explains Aaliya and convinces her for accepting Shagun, which would be like giving second chance to both Shagun and Mani.

Later on, Ishita happily makes the food for family. She works in kitchen and waits for Raman, who is returning back from his business tour. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer make a plan to call parlor lady and get a makeover. They suggest Ishita to get a makeover and impress Raman. Ishita does not feel need to get makeover and is busy cooking Raman’s favorite dishes. Mrs. Bhalla tries to explain Ishita to consider their advice. Ishita is simple and best, and is sure Raman loves her the way she is.


Meanwhile, another love story has begun. Adi has fallen in love with Aaliya. Ishita realizes Adi’s feelings and concern for Aaliya, but Aaliya gets inclined towards Mihir and considers Adi just a friend.


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