Rudra gets shot by Oberoi’s enemy

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Ashok’s wife Gayatri reaches Oberoi’s press conference. Gayatri knows that Ashok held a big secret of Oberoi’s family. She blames Oberois to kill Ashok. During an argument, she aims the gun at Shivay. Shivay gets angry seeing Gayatri, and does not get scared. Gayatri shouts for seeking justice for Ashok, and Shivay explains her that Ashok’s own guilt has made him sacrifice his life. Shivay succeeds to clear Oberoi’s names, but fails to save Rudra.

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Gayatri shoots at Shivay. Omkara reacts on time and saves Shivay from approaching bullet. Shockingly, Rudra gets shot. The body guards then catch Gayatri. Shivay turns much angry seeing Rudra’s state. Omkara stops Shivay and calms him. It is surely a big thing for Shivay to see his brother hurt, who is more than his life. Shivay was fearing for Omkara and Rudra’s lives. He wanted to let Gayatri stay in lockup for more time, for his family’s security. Gayatri gets arrested again. Shivay promises to not leave her this time. There will be family drama with Rudra’s incident, as Shivay would confront Tej for permitting Gayatri’s release. What hidden core will Shivay find out this time? Let’s wait and watch.







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