24 Season 2: Jai attempts to free Roshan, Marathe gets killed

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While the show has a gripping concept and watching it on tv is more preferred, here’s a mention what to look out in the show tonight. Veer breaks Jai’s affair news to Kiran, and proves to her by showing a video on his phone. Kiran gets stunned seeing Jai and Maya together. Veer tells Kiran that Jai has someone in his life, and he is not concerned for them anymore. Veer is upset seeing Jai dating a girl of their age. Veer feels ashamed to call Jai as his father and his annoyance towards Jai increases.

On the other hand, Roshan is caged and is tensed for his death the next day. Each minute just kills Roshan by fear. Jai is trying hard to free Roshan. Haroon is paying a big amount of 25 crores to Jai and wants him to just work and free Roshan. Jai is out of rehab recently and lies to the jailer about visiting jail for ATU purpose. Jailer gets informed that Jai is on leave from ATU since the last six months, and ATU did not send him to jail for any secret mission.

Jai makes a move from the jail and informs Haroon about his plan’s failure. Roshan kills inspector Marathe in the cell. Meanwhile, the courier guy Kunj is hurrying to deliver the unknown packet. Kunj does not know he is carrying the deadly threat along. Lots of exciting tracks are going on. Jai is working for ATU in secrecy and would join his team soon. 24’s every episode would make the viewer want more of it.

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