Atharv to meet his father; More new entries ahead

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Atharv and Vividha’s romance is on the full swing. Viewers got lucky to catch more of Atharv-Vividha scenes than before. With their love story going on at a fast pace, Kailash does not seem to deter from his decision. Kailash is trying to find some way to stop Atharv from entering Vividha’s life. Looks like Kailash has to work harder to separate the lovers. Sujata is sure of Kailash accepting Atharv heartily once her husband’s name gets known to Kailash. Sujata thinks that Kailash has just one problem with Atharv, that’s not having his father’s name with him. But, Kailash’s hatred for Atharv got very much rooted in heart now.

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Kailash would not accept Atharv even when Sujata and her husband together talk to Kailash about Atharv and Vividha’s alliance. Atharv’s father meets Atharv at the temple. He gets all the fatherly emotions revived on sight on his son. Atharv, unknown to his identity helps him. There will be new entries of Sujata’s inlaws and her husband’s second family. The romantic love story will soon be converting into a family drama saga.






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