Chakor attempts to prove Bride-swapping conspiracy

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Chakor has been suffering of Suraj’s tortures since a long time. After her marriage with Suraj, the poor girl could not help herself and got obedient to Suraj to save Imli from landing in jail. Suraj got his father killed in jail and is threatening Chakor to frame Imli in Bhaiya ji’s murder case. Chakor cancelled her decision to give divorce to Suraj. Vivaan and Imli started bonding as friends, while Chakor is made helpless by Suraj.

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Suraj is earning money by using Chakor’s name and fame. After Suraj pressuring her to clear his image in public, Chakor had to give a good statement to give him a clean image. Chakor accepts him as her husband infront of her media and also states Suraj’s innocence and non-involvement in Bhaiya ji’s crimes. Chakor regrets to ruin her 10 years long work hard to get the culprits suffer. She had to save Suraj and feels guilty of hurting the villagers’s sentiments. She regards this as her big failure. Vivaan and Imli provoke Chakor to speak up and clarify her actions.

Chakor tells them that she is not involved in bride swapping and whatever wrong happened in marriage. Chakor determines to prove Suraj’s crimes and make Suraj admit that he is responsible for swapping the brides. Chakor cleverly traps Suraj by boasting of herself and her smart moves. This makes Suraj admit that he has married Chakor by deceive.

Chakor records the conversation to prove her innocence to Vivaan and Imli, but it has to be seen whether she succeeds or does Suraj bring any new hurdle in her path.






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