High Five Spoilers

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Manjulika is mad about Rajbeer and takes out her anger on Paridhi and make her hang in the air. Saudamini gets Rajbeer’s signatures on the property papers. Rajbeer tells that the signatures is not his real one. Saudamini gets angry and hits on his head.


Bhabhi ji Ghar Pe Hai:

Angoori Bhabhi’s lover shoots fake bullets on Tiwari ji. It is Vibhuti’s conspiracy against Tiwari. He hires someone to shoot Tiwari ji. Tiwari cries and says he is dead. Goon says it is just fake bullet and fake gun. It is Vibhuti’s threat to Tiwari to keep him away from his wife.

Mera Angne Mein:

Yamraj comes to take Shanti Devi as her death time came. He came with Yamdudh. Shanti Devi screams and asks someone to save her, refuses to come with Yamraj until she becomes great grand mum. Yamraj ties her hand and drags to take her with him. Just then Riya touches Shanti, breaking Shanti Devi’s dream. Shanti Devi sees this dream while swinging on the swinger. It seems Shanti Devi wish to play with her great grandchildren is on a high.


Simar and Prem gets divorced. Prem reaches home to meet Simar with the divorce papers. He was excited to meet her, but he sees something and opines that Simar doesn’t belong to him anymore. Simar thinks Prem came to bring her, and gets shocked. There will be a leap in the show, and the little Piyush will be shown as grown up adult.


Suraj tries to suffocate Bihaan, and gets angry on him for helping Tina run away from there. He is angry to lose Tina’s money. Chakor says it is good that it has happened with him. She insults him infront of his friends. Suraj raises his hand to slap her, but Chakor holds his hand to stop it. Chakor didn’t tell all the truth to Bihaan and Imli till now, but have told them half truth. Imli has no choice then to aim gun at Suraj. She has just hatred in her heart for Suraj and have come out of the trance. She regrets to have loved him once. Suraj tells her that she is just a servant to him and tells her that he had showed her place by not marrying her.



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