Learning got easier with Lightning McQueen

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Disney Pixar became a big name after the movie release of Cars, which had the animated Pixar car characters with the best graphics and concept. The conversations between the cars was loved much more than watching animated cartoon characters. Cars released in 2006, came up with sequels Cars 2 and Cars 3 in 2011 and 2017. Disney Pixars car miniatures (die–cast) models are few of the best selling products across the online baby shopping portals. Disney holds a huge merchandise for kids’ school range. Children got a wide range or products of bath accessories, books, games, toys, learning models for English and Mathematics.


Lightning McQueen’s car design took a lot of detailing. It is different, swift and a sports figure. It is very much likable by its design and characteristics to always be the winner. All the Disney Pixar cars are given a different appearance, but Lightning McQueen surpasses by its witty looks and unmatchable speed as fast as lightning. McQueen is the new craze for young children. The special effects and racing adventure are loved by kids. Lightning McQueen won interest and has become a common name when the talk about Cars and influencing kids well by building up their consciousness and motivation.

Kids learn a lot of things when they are explained anything by the medium of learning they love to see. Well built and educative animations just makes the children more drawn to adapt to the new things seen and heard. It surely affects a child’s behavior with cognitive functioning, and makes them try new activities like Cars’ structuring, coloring and building. Also, there are many nursery rhymes across youtube channels, which kids just love to watch and learn. The rhymes liners are repeated many times in a single video, that kids easily catch the words and memorize till the rhyme ends.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_dDUaMgx18]





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