Akshara wins Naira’s love and trust back


Dance teacher Guru Maa refuses to teach dance to Naira, finding ego and pride in her dance. She tells Naira about being overconfident and mistaken about her dancing skills. Akshara finds hard to convince Guru Maa, but tells family that only Guru Maa can train Naira well. Akshara takes Naira to Guru Maa and convinces her by her motherly emotional talk. Naira gets another chance to learn dance and show her skills to Guru Maa. This time, Guru Maa agrees to train Naira. Naira’s dancing classes begin and date for her exam gets close.

Later on, the exam begins and Naira gets tensed and could not begin the dance. She freezes on the stage and Akshara encourages her to dance. The family accompanies Akshara to support Naira morally. Naira dances in the contest. Naira performs Kathak and Akshara lends her voice to help her. Akshara sings and her emotions come out by her song. Naira broke ties with Akshara many years ago by misunderstandings. Naira has now changed and accepted Akshara. Naira realized Akshara was not wrong and hugs Akshara. Naira’s performance goes well and she wins the dance contest. Naira gets the trophy and gives it to Akshara. A very entertaining and emotional scene to watch out.



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