Rajni switches to vamp mode to protect Shaan

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Rajni has become vamp, and dresses like a typical vamp. She scans and gets visuals of some famous vamps. Rajni looks cute in her new avatar, which she adapted by following what vamps do in hindi serials. Rajni’s look and behavior turned strange. Rajni uses a big bindi and black saree, looking a clever and sharp eyed bahu. She troubles the family. Rajni’s vamp mode gets on and she is igniting fire at home. Surili asks Rajni to become dangerous vamp and make Samaira leave from home.

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But Rajni misunderstood Surili’s words and switched to vamp mode. Rajni takes all the jewelry from Surili’s locker and returns keys to her. Surili asks Rajni to forget to key the locker and house keys. Rajni scares Surili by her heavy vampish dialogues and holds Surili against the wall. Rajni has become vamp to protect her husband. Surili’s idea turned troubling for her.

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