Shagun’s truth ‘sealed’ reaches Bhalla House


Raman is angry on everyone, as he lost the letter by which he can know complete truth. Abhishek tells Raman that someone knowing kidnapper had posted letter to Raman. Shagun is worried knowing this, as her truth will come out. Raman checks all his posts and does not get the confidential letter. Shagun thinks to get letter and destroy it before Raman gets it. Ishita’s kidnapper has written a letter to state the real culprit. The letter gets misplaced. The letter has Shagun’s truth written in it, is regarded very important as Anil is no more and there is none to speak up kidnapper’s name.

Raman got new reason to worry and seek Ishita’s help. He asks her to find an important letter. Pihu gets the letter and keeps in the drawer. Pihu then adds it in her project file. Mrs. Bhalla calls a parlor lady to give a new look to Ishita. Raman calls Ishita from airport. Ishita was in hurry and left. Shagun mixes something in the hair color. Mrs. Iyer tells Mrs. Bhalla that they will apply the hair color if it will get waste. Mrs. Bhalla applies the hair color and her hair get spoiled and turn colorful. On the other hand, Raman is angry as Romi is found with some girl. Raman knows that there is some reason why Romi is doing this, that girl is not any normal friend, that’s why Romi is lying. Raman and Ishita fear about Romi having an extra marital affair.



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