Soumya’s happiness shatters with major truth revelation


Surbhi asks Nimmi to tell the truth about Soumya. Nimmi tells her the truth which was hidden for many years, since Soumya’s birth. Soumya overhears them and is shattered to know the truth. Soumya comes to know about her defect being a transgender. She gets shocked and horrified. All her dreams end with this one revelation. She thinks about Harman and his love. She gets very much sad and cries.

In an emotional moment, she cuts her wrist to commit suicide, but destiny has other plans. Harman saves her at a nick of time and take her to hospital. He sits at bedside holding her hand like a doting husband. It is yet to be seen how will Soumya try to overcome her defect and live life with Harman, and whether Harman’s love stands for her even after knowing the truth. There are speculations that Surbhi, Soumya and Harman’s love triangle will be shown. Surbhi gets inclined towards Harman after knowing about Soumya’s reality.



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