Akshara to balance love towards Naira and Gayu


Akshara makes Naira ready for the dance program. Akshara participates in Gayu’s jewelry exhibition. Gayu makes Akshara the show stopper, and also names her jewelry line on Akshara. Akshara is in dilemma as its big day for Gayu and Naira. Gayu’s jewelry exhibition and Naira’s dance program are on same day and time. Akshara goes to help Naira, and Gayu gets sad that Akshara was not with her. Akshara was leaving for Gayu’s event, but Naira’s dupatta gets torn.

Akshara stays back with Naira and helps her in fixing her dupatta. Naira realizes Akshara giving priority to her than Gayu. Gayu does not get jealous knowing Akshara did not come to her, but gets sad. Gayu misses Akshara badly, but Kartik’s presence in her event makes her smile. Gayu wins the third prize in her jewelry event, while Naira gets the first prize in the dance program, where Akshara helped her out.



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