Shivay and Anika’s love story begins in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Anika have an argument. Shivay does not thank Anika when his family asks him to be thankful to Anika, because of whom he did not reach Nasik and left chopper mid way. Shivay got saved from the deadly accident. Shivay thanks Tia for always being there for him.


Anika gets angry on him, as she was expecting few sweet words and thanks from Shivay. She calls him rude, arrogant and ill mannered person. It so happens that she lands in his room to confront him for getting thanks, and Shivay asks her to get out of his room. He can’t bear Anika in his room for a single moment.

Anika argues with him and tags him mentally unstable, seeing his different personalities. Anika and Shivay argue with each other a lot. Anika angrily asks him to show himself up to a Vaid ji she knows in her colony. She tells him about Vaid ji’s donkey kick is magical and would make him recover from madness. Shivay and Anika’s nok jhok gets long. He calls her mad to talk to her slipper. She does not stop and taunts him for talking to his coffee machine.

Later, Shivay, Om and Rudra talk about girls. Shivay tells them that girls look good from far and are not true when they come close. Rudra agrees with him. The brothers spend good time. Om and Rudra decide to make Shivay realize his feelings for Anika. Shivay will soon realize his heart beating for Anika.

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