Yuvraj and Kunj’s proposals with Filmi Tashan


Yuvraj and Kunj have challenged each other of winning Twinkle’s love. Yuvi is showing his tashan style again to impress Twinkle and win her love. Kunj is also doing his best to convince Twinkle. Yuvi takes Salman’s avatar and does Dabangg dance, while Kunj gives a SRK style performance. The crèche kids are upset and tell Twinkle that they are in stress and can’t even eat any chocolate.


Yuvraj enters the scene and asks the kids to join him in dance, thereby relieves their stress. Yuvraj does Salman’s steps on Dabangg song. Twinkle is in dilemma whether to go to Yuvraj or Kunj. Yuvraj explains the kids that stress is bad and should be avoided. Yuvraj will take Twinkle on bike ride and propose her once again.

On the other hand, Kunj gets in SRK’s getup and sings a romantic song to please Twinkle. Kunj tries to recreate their romance and reminds her that he impressed her in SRK style before. Kunj proposes Twinkle and she gets away from him. Kunj hopes that Twinkle accepts his proposal. Twinkle will listen to her heart and give her decision to them.



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