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High Five Spoilers

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Siya Ke Ram:

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Raavan’s father Vishravas tells him about Ram being Lord Vishnu’s human avatar. Raavan does not believe him, and thinks to test his words. He feels if Ram is really Hari Vishnu, then just Ram can kill his young son Tarini. While the family gets shocked by Raavan’s shocking decision, Raavan sends his teenager son Tarini to the battle ground to face Ram.

Ram unwillingly has to face the enemy in the war, and does not wish to kill him. Ram faces Tarini and then makes him disappear. Raavan gets the news of his son and gets deeply hurt. Hanuman meets Raavan and asks him to beg Ram for life and forgiveness.


Omkara, Dadi and Rudra tell Shivay to thank Anika for saving his life, but Shivay is too stubborn on his terms. Rudra apologizes to Saumya after realizing his mistake. Saumya forgives Rudra on Anika’s insistence. Rudra messes their relation yet another time. Ishana attempts to expose Riddhima’s true character in front of Omkara. Ishana meets Omkara as Bela and leaves a deep impression on him. Oberoi family take the chopper incident seriously and find a threat close to them.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door:

Atharv and Vividha have realized their love and also that they are inseparable. Uma hides her wounds from Sujata and Vividha. Sujata understands that Kailash is torturing Uma. Kailash’s hatred and anger towards Atharv gets on increasing.

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti and Kaushalya make Shivam promise that Shivam and Riya will have a child withing a year’s time. Shivam is sure that Riya loves babies and goes to inform her about Kaushalya’s words. Shanti expects Shivam and Riya to bear a child soon. Riya tells Shivam that she was joking about babies, and is not serious to have a child so soon.

Shivam asks her to make it clear for him, whether she means to avoid having children now. Riya gets in dilemma about it. She explains Shivam that she is not ready to have a child so soon and needs time. Riya thinks that they are not financially, emotionally and mentally prepared to have a child so soon. Shivam gets annoyed with her decision and gets worried recalling his promise to Shanti and Kaushalya.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Dhruv orders bamboos of wax and wants to burn up the mandap. Thapki finds it suspicious when she sees such bamboos used in decorating the mandap, and also making the mandap a closed block. Dhruv lies to Bihaan and Thapki, and does not let them know his exact plan. Dhruv knows the wax bamboos are prone to catch fire. Thapki realizes Dhruv’s plan and tries to prove it to Bihaan. Thapki fails to expose Dhruv.

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