Pragya to revive Abhi’s fainting heart


Pragya and Purab succeed to find Abhi at the accident spot, but with many emotional ups and downs. Pragya first checks the car and does not get Abhi inside the car. She worries for Abhi’s accident and madly looks around for him on the accident site. She finds Abhi unconsciously and fallen somewhere. Pragya reaches him and checks nerve to find whether he is alive. She hugs Abhi and asks him to open his eyes and see her, and keeps talking to him about their love and childrens names. Purab feels sorry to not be able to help Abhi on time and realizes Abhi was driving the car, and all this accident and car blast was meant to kill Pragya.

Purab informs Abhi’s Dadi about the entire accident and Abhi’s critical state. Dadi breaks down and constantly prays to protect Abhi’s life. Meanwhile, Pragya and Purab rush Abhi to the hospital. Pragya assures her heart that nothing will happen to Abhi. Abhi is taken inside OT and gets treated. Doctor sadly informs Pragya that her husband is no more and they have tried everything to revive him, yet failed. Pragya feels her kumkum getting removed from her life and falls in disbelief. She rushes to revive Abhi.


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