Raman’s return creates excitement at Bhalla house


Pihu is going on Shagun’s teachings and following the wrong path, being mistaken about Ishita’s generosity. Ishita feeds Pihu with love, and Pihu bites her finger hard. Ishita sees her bleeding finger and does not react, as she finds Pihu innocent. Shagun gets smiling seeing how Pihu is taking revenge from Ishita. Meanwhile, Mihika tries to ask Romi for lunch, but they get into a heated argument. Mihika follows Romi to the hotel, where he is going to meet a girl. She fails to find Romi, and is determined to catch him red handed with the girl.

Romi is getting distanced from Mihika, and thinks Mihika is humiliating him by showing her business sense and knowledge. He feels happy to spend time with the new girl in his life. Mihika shares Romi’s matter with Simmi, and both decide to do something.


On the other hand, Mani takes Shagun on lunch date by Aaliya’s insistence. Mihir thinks to hire Aaliya as PR head to lead Adi’s project and calls her for meet. Pihu plans to trouble Ishita and make her leave from the house, so that Shagun and Raman can stay peacefully.

The elderly ladies suggest Ishita to get a makeover and get her groomed by the parlor expects, so that they all can give a big surprise to Raman, who is returning home after a long business tour.



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