Fairy tale union of Akshara and Naira


There is no person more important and superior than a mother. Naira expresses this to Akshara. Naira and Akshara’s relation got fine. Naira surprises Akshara and shows a special fairy tale setup for them. Naira rests in Akshara’s lap and colors Akshara’s nails. They spend a special time, and play. It’s a new start of Akshara and Naira’s relation. Naira feels she has hurt Akshara a lot and wants to return all happiness.

Naira tells her what all she faced in Rishikesh. Akshara speaks about her sorrows, how much she missed Naira. Naira makes Akshara forget all the sorrows and makes Akshara feel special. Naira shows the family pictures and reminds Akshara all the old moments. Akshara is in cloud nine seeing Naira’s love for her.

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