Rishi and Tanuja’s destined meet in Kasam

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Rishi is over drunk and lost senses. Tanuja helps him out. Rishi sees Tanu in her and recalls one similar moment. He wanted to forget Tanu by drinking wine, but he did not know Tanu/Tanuja will come to lessen his pain. After 20 years, Rishi and Tanu have met today. They both are not aware of each other’s identity and love. Rishi goes in flashback, wherein he got hurt by the flour box which fell on him. Tanu cares for him and they had a beautiful moment. Rishi misses Tanu.

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Tanuja takes him to his room. Tanuja has come to work in his house. When she stepped in his house, she comes across Rishi. Rishi was not conscious and did not know who is taking him to the room. Rishi later get to know by servant that Tanuja has helped him, and was worried for him. Tanuja gets few glimpses of the past love. They did not meet right way this way. It has to be seen when Rishi and Tanuja will recognize each other. Keep reading.

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