Abhi’s rockstar avatar and musical track back

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Abhi is happy in his rockstar avatar, but he has forgotten Pragya and their love. Abhi will be seen playing musical instruments, for a change. Pragya is seen as Chashmish again. Abhi has lost his memory. Aaliya is happy with Abhi’s memory loss. Abhi has gone in his past, and pampering Aaliya like before. Abhi and Aaliya’s relation turned nice and genuine. They have sweet fights.

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Pragya overhears Aaliya and Abhi’s conversation, and understands how Aaliya is strengthening her roots in Abhi’s life again. Pragya is worried seeing Aaliya around Abhi. She knows Aaliya will try to harm Abhi again. Aaliya feels Lord gave her this chance. Pragya has to stay away from Abhi. Abhi is unknown to Aaliya and Tanu’s truth. Pragya has determined to revive Abhi’s memory. She will also her love story from the initial point, and repeat such instances which will remind Abhi about their love. As of now, the show is having the same beginning, but the viewers can still rejoice to see Abhi and Pragya’s romantic scenes.






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