Ahem’s lookalike enters Modi family


Pramila and Mansi leave no chance to trouble Gopi. They make Gopi fall down the stairs. Mansi is angry and troubling Gopi with the help of Pramila. They damage Gopi’s phone by putting it in water. Pramila acts sweet and says I will buy a new phone for Gopi. Mansi does not want Gopi to meet Vidya, who is in hospital. They manipulate Gopi and stop her from meeting her family. Krishna may turn negative in the upcoming track.

Later on, Gopi and Kokila go to see Dahi Haandi at Janmashtami event. They come across Ahem and get a big shock. Nazim’s new look is very different of a roadside guy this time. Ahem has come back to support Gopi. Kokila doubts that the guy can be Ahem’s lookalike too. She tells Gopi that they will find out about him. The guy turns out to be Happy Singh, who is Ahem’s lookalike. Kokila is glad seeing Ahem and she wishes Happy could be really Ahem. Happy Singh climbs on the human pyramid and breaks Dahi Haandi. It has to be seen how Ahem’s look alike solves Gopi’s problems and manages to run Modi family.


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