Naksh gets heartbroken by Rhea’s deceive


Naira and Gayu dance in the Teej. Everyone is seen happy and dancing well to celebrate Teej. Kartik smiles seeing Naira. Gayu is mistaken that Kartik loves her and keeps a fast for him, while Kartik has kept the Teej fast for Naira. Some goons come to Singhania house while Teej celebrations are in full swing. Naksh and Kartik fight with the goons. Naksh was helping Rhea and was saving her from the goons. Naksh even paid 25 lakhs to save Rhea’s life. Naksh and entire family get to know that Rhea was cheating Naksh, and her real name is Nisha.

Akshara and Naira scold Nisha for cheating Naksh. They feel bad that Naksh got cheated by another girl. Naira slaps Rhea and gets her anger out. Naksh gets upset knowing Rhea’s association with the goons and can’t believe it initially. Naksh is heartbroken and recalls Tara who left him. He gets trust issues about believing any girl again. Naksh gets depressed and stays alone. Akshara worries for him and wishes some nice girl to enter his life. The upcoming track will focus on Naksh, who is not willing to go for any relationship. Gayu will get to know about Kartik’s love for Naira soon. A new character will be seen as Gayu’s love interest.


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