Rishi to spy about Tanuja’s entry

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Rishi gets over drunk. Tanuja takes him to his room. She takes care of him and removes his shoes. She feels some connection with Rishi. Some unknown force binds them together. There is much difference between their age. Rishi sees Tanu in Tanuja and flows in emotions. He is not in his total senses and goes lost in Tanu’s memories. Rishi goes to change the flickering bulb. There is similar moment like it happened 20 years ago. All the memories are still fresh and flash in his mind. Rishi recalls Tanu seeing her.

Rishi wakes up next day and does not know about Tanuja. Rishi gets Tanuja’s dupatta in his room. He asks all family members about the dupatta. The family members try to avoid discussion about Tanuja. They feel Rishi will react badly. Tanuja is staying in their outhouse. Rishi does not know any changes at home made by his mother. His mother does not tell Rishi and is scared of his anger. Rishi finds out about Tanuja by spying around.






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