Pragya joins Abhi’s music company

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Pragya plays with a baby doll. She dances with the doll and feels happy. Pragya sees Abhi in the doll, as the doll resembles Abhi’s rockstar look. Pragya recalls their old lovely moments. Pragya is madly in love with Abhi. Abhi has forgotten her, but Pragya has left her love alive. Abhi used to play with a doll named Fuggi, whenever he missed Pragya. Pragya will be seen in same moment.

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Pragya gets a job in Abhi’s music company which is managed by Aaliya. She thinks to stay close to Abhi through his music and happily takes up the job as a receptionist. She determines to make new memories in Abhi’s heart for her. Abhi has completely forgotten Pragya and is again back in Rockstar avatar like he was when the show started. Dadi prays to God to do something so that Abhi gets his memory back. Abhi will fall in Pragya’s love all over again. Keep reading.






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