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High Five Spoilers

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Dhaani takes a western avatar and dances to trap Tripurari. Dhaani covers her face and gets helped by Viplav and Parshiya. She is trying to please and fool Tripurari by her disguise. Tripurari has killed Shambu. Dhaani wants Tripurari to confess his crimes. She is sure her plan will succeed. Tripurari gets much drunk as she serves him wine. Dhaani tries to make him admit the truth.

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania:

Pant family’s secrets will be coming out. Its big twist that will change the relations at home. Yograj has made an entry after 10 years. Yograj is Abhishek’s father, who left the family by his wish. Abhishek was spotting Yograj outside house since few days and thinking who was that stranger. Yograj’s truth and re-entry makes everyone adjust to him. Abhishek took Yograj’s duties and tried to fill his place. All relations get affected. Dadi makes Abhishek touch Yograj’s feet. Abhishek and everyone are annoyed and unhappy with Yograj’s return.


Kartik gets hurt and has much ache. Naira tries to divert his mind. She asks him to imagine she is Kartik and he is Naira, what would happen then. They both imagine Naira and Kartik in reverse roles. They both fight, still perfect for each other.


Chakor and Suraj get a doubt on Ragini. Chakor suggests Suraj to find out where Ragini stayed for the last ten years and the influence on her. Ragini was raised by Bhaiya ji at a separate place and madly loves her father. Ragini has come to take revenge from Tejaswini and Suraj, and does not care if anyone gets killed in her fight. Bhaiya ji and Ragini meet up in the jail, and make plans to work cleverly.

Siya Ke Ram:

The first day of war between Ram and Raavan begins. Sita gets aware of the commencement of the Dharm yudh. Raavan gets his Asurs for his aid, but Laxman and Hanuman fail the Asurs. Ram and Raavan shoot their special arrows at each other, but the effect gets neutralized. The fight goes long. The first day of war does not have any big consequences, and the war halts by sunset. Raavan challenges to kill Ram the next day. Ram performs a Shakti yagya/puja, and just then Lord Indra appears. Indra offers his chariot to Ram and is sure of Ram’s victory over Adharm.


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