Raman and Ishita try to bring perfection in their new roles


Raman takes the kitchen charge and is making cookies for everyone. He follows the recipe and is preparing cookies alone. He realizes cooking is not an easy thing. Ishita offers help seeing Raman in trouble. He asks her to go and study, he will manage cooking following recipe. He tells her cooking is far easy for him, as he manages all his business alone. She concentrates on her studies. Raman bakes the cookies.

Ishita comes to check cookies. Raman says this is called cookies, and takes out cookies. He asks how did these cookies get burnt, I followed recipe. Ishita remarks where he went wrong. Raman mixed two recipes in confusion and spoiled cookies. Ishita stands by his side and guides him to make cookies. He asks her not to help him, and just see. Ruhi comes to help Raman. Mihir comes to meet Ishita.

Raman refuses to take anyone’s help. Raman tells Ishita that Adi will be with her all day in office. He explains the drawers where he keeps important files and cash. He asks her to take care of health and eat food on time. He assures he will always be a call away and encourages her to go office. Raman and Ishita will help each other in their new roles.



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