Roop comes up with a new plan to spoil Oberoi’s happiness…


Ishana planned to expose Riddhima’s true nature to Om. Ishana is playing a dual role by switching between Bela and Mala, being close to both Riddhima and Om. Om gets disappointed and hurt when Riddhima’s lie is brought into his sight by Ishana. However, Ishana fails to create a misunderstanding between Om and Riddhima. Om forgives Riddhima after Shivay’s explains him to think from Riddhima’s point of view. Riddhima gets a fresh chance by Om.


Shivay is just focused on family security and did not select any wedding date. Tia’s mother gets worried for Tia’s wedding and does not want to lose the perfect alliance for Tia. Instead Shivay’s wedding planning, Anika manages to organize Raksha Bandhan event in Oberoi mansion. Everyone get excited to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Anika is also invited for the festival. Anika and Sahil become a part of Oberoi family celebrations. Shivay gets to see a new humble and loving side of Anika, while she converses and showers love on her brother Sahil. Unknown to Shivay, Roop comes with a new plan to breach the security and become a threat for Oberoi family again.


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