Abhi’s planned memory loss to higher romance quotient in Kumkum Bhagya


Pragya wins the competition of Abhi’s No. 1 fan amongst many people. She identifies Abhi’s wrist band surprising him and making him believe that she is his top admirer and fan. He announces her to be the winner of the competition. He brings Pragya to his house and informs everyone that she is his biggest fan.


Aaliya gets shocked seeing Pragya in Mehra Mansion again after Abhi’s accident. She starts doubting on Abhi’s intentions and feels that he is regaining his memory back slowly which is not good for them. Pragya gets moved by the flow and likes all the attention she gets from Abhi. Abhi’s growing fondness for Pragya bothers Aaliya and Tanu. It will be revealed soon that Abhi has staged memory loss drama to protect Pragya from her enemies, till he settle scores with them. Seems Pragya’s task got light now, and viewers can enjoy Abhi’s planned romance well.


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