Gopi lands in big trouble


Gopi lands in mental asylum thanks to her inlaws. She is given electric shock treatment to unstable her mind. They want to make her completely mad. Mansi determines to take her revenge from Gopi and feels peace seeing Gopi’s state after shock treatment. Urmila and Kokila come to mental asylum to meet Gopi, but Dr. Krishna doesn’t allow them to meet her.

However, they think to take Gopi home somehow and enter ward in disguise of nurses. They plan to free Gopi from mental asylum under any circumstances. When they were taking Gopi out, Krishna catches them and scolds security for letting his wife kidnapped by imposter. Gopi gets up from wheel chair, tells that Kokila is her Maa ji, and not an imposter. Krishna asks the staff and security to take Gopi inside the ward. Kokila decides to free Gopi from the mental asylum and gets doubt on Dr. Krishna.


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