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High Five Spoilers

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Pandey family gets ready to celebrate Janmasthami. Thapki is ready with the arrangements, and has her Maiya Yashoda and Kanha ji with her. Thapki has she planned to keep Krishna Leela on Janmasthami. Vasundara dresses as Yashoda while Bihaan gets ready as Krishna with flute in his hand. Bihaan and Vasundara are playing the role of Krishna and Yashoda in the play. Bihaan plays flute and takes Vasundara’s blessings. They will express their love for each other during skit. Kosi creates a big drama in the function.

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania:

Abhishek and Meera’s love story faces a twist with someone’s entry in their story. Meera jokes seeing Yograj standing outside of Pant Bhavan, and says it seems you used to get many punishments in school. She asks him to go inside the house. Yograj tells her that it will be very difficult for him. Abhishek comes out of the house and till then Yograj leaves. Abhishek talks to Meera and catches a glimpse of Yograj. Meera does not know Yograj is Abhishek’s father. Yograj asks Meera about his wife Babli. Meera tells him that Babli is not much mobile and is on walker. Meera gets Yograj inside the house. Later on, Abhishek comes face to face with his father Yograj and gets upset. There will be many changes in the show because of the upcoming track.

Diya Aur Baati Hum:
The four terrorists get inside Rathi house and threaten the women. The terror strike at Hanuman Gali happened. The terrorists got inside Rathi house. Bhabho wants to inform Sandhya. Maasa hides a chit inside the roti, but the terrorist gets to know of chit. He tells Maasa that she makes good tasty roti which has info chits too. He hates that she is acting clever infront of them. He asks them not to inform Sandhya and not underestimate him. He scares all the women and threatens to kill Meenakshi. He troubles them. He seeks info about every member of the house.

Lord Krishna will be seen with an unheard story of Mahabharat in Nagarjuna. Krishna’s avatar will be seen with Arjun, Draupadi and other devotees. Arjun will be fighting with Takshak in the Naag Rajya. Mahabharat sequence will be shown as past track.

24 Season 2:
Haroon and Roshan make Jai shoot Omkaar to rpove his loyalty towards them. Jai gets helpless and shoots Maya’s father. Maya angrily questions Jai about it. Aditya stands by Prithvi and asks minister Shinde to be away from his brother. Maya wins Haroon’s trust again. Haroon suggests her to overcome her dad’s death sorrow. Jai attends the virus delivery meeting along with Haroon and Roshan. Jai does not provide any signal to delta team, which makes Aditya give orders to blow Roshan’s hideout. The army officers prepare to leave the missile by the airplace drone.


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