Storytelling – effective element to inspire children


Children are often fascinated by stories. They love to hear stories at bed time. That could be best time to relax their minds after long day of study and play. Also, parents can fill the best moral, knowledge and inspirational elements in their minds by using Storytelling method. The children get actively engaged by this. This improves their imagination and visual literacy. Storytelling also boosts their creativity and listening-understanding skills. This is very effective in positive mind development in initial years.

• Stories should have moral lessons for children.
• Should be thought provoking and enjoyable.
• Subject should be expressed in simple and funny way.
• History and GK could be part of the story. Children grasp all the important points in the story.
• Stories regarding cultures, festivals and great personalities among other topics.
• Inspirational and famous tales.



• Use colors, numbers, alphabets (vowels-consonants), maths, new words etc in between the story, to pass on knowledge.
• Divide story in phases and question the child while taking short breaks, to increase memory power and thinking.
• Persuade the child to narrate a story in continuation of yours.
• Communicate with the child after finishing the story.
• Take an opinion or feedback, so as to initiate discussion and improve child’s evaluator skills.


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