Kosi Devi’s truth comes out during Janmashtami celebrations


The new entries in Pandey Nivaas have come up with hidden motives. They claim an equal right on Pandey Nivaas. Kosi Devi tells Vasundara that she will take along the thing/person for whom she actually landed in the house. Balwinder and Vasundara get afraid to lose their family member, after Dhruv got away from them. Vasundara and Thapki make Kosi Devi leave the house. Balwinder asks Vasundara to rest assured as Kosi Devi will never come back now. Vasundara is sure that Kosi Devi will not leave her right so easily.

On the other hand, the family wishes Thapki all the best for the big interview with minister Radheshyam. Thapki reaches the minister’s house and gets shocked seeing him beating his wife and little daughter. Thapki records the truth, and manages to escape from there.

Minister’s wife requests Thapki for not releasing the video, as in order to save her husband’s reputation in society. Thapki asks the lady to fight for her rights. Later, minister’s daughter calls up Thapki to save them, as the minister beats his wife and daughter again. Thapki asks the girl to convince her mother for taking a stand against injustice and abuse.


Later on, Thapki discovers the golden locket and confronts Vasundara to know the truth. Vasundara is afraid of Kosi Devi and confides her fears with Thapki. Kosi Devi reveals to everyone that she is Bihaan’s real mother. Bihaan gets his Devki Maiyya on Janmashtami, while all his childhood memories with Vasundara and Balwinder start flashing in his eyes. Bihaan values Vasundara as Yashoda Maiyya and recalls the love and support extended by Vasundara and Balwinder throughout his life.


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