Niddhi and Shagun join hands against IshRa

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Raman goes to pick Pihu from school. He meets Shagun there. Shagun hugs Pihu and shows fake concern and love. He advises Shagun to be away from Pihu. Shagun refuses to listen to him. There is cooking competition in Pihu’s school. kids have to participate with their mothers. Shagun prepares to support Pihu, but her plan fails when Raman talks to principal and gives his name to participate in cooking competition along Pihu. Raman is doing his role of Pihu’s mother well, but he is unsure to win in the cooking competition.

The ladies tell Raman that he is a big businessman and Pihu’s father, he does not need to come for cooking. Raman tells them that even world’s biggest chefs are men, and he is comfortable to cook. The ladies find Raman very cute and praise him for his responsible nature. Raman is sure of winning, and thinks to take Ishita’s help. Pihu wants Shagun to participate with her. Raman does not agree to Pihu and Shagun’s wish. Shagun threatens Raman of getting Pihu forever. Raman understands Ishita’s doubt over Shagun was right. Raman and Ishita are unaware of Niddhi’s comeback. Niddhi will be seen troubling the duo, by joining hands with Shagun.

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