Ram and Sita to head back to Ayodhya


As known in history, Ram will be winning in the Dharm yudh by ending Raavan’s Adharm and sins. Lanka will see a historic day when Raavan’s dominance ends and Asur clan’s downfall occur. But, all this does not happen so easily. Kaikesi has created Sahastya Raavan to provide strength to her son in the war against Ram. Kaikesi fools her husband Vishravas once again, and hides her bad motives about creating the weaponized Raavan.

Ram and Laxman, along with Hanuman and vanar sena would be fighting with Sahastya Raavan before Raavan’s termination. Ram initiates Dharm and good customs in Lanka, where all the Asurs reform and follow Dharm path. Very soon, viewers will see the last phase of Ramayan, where Ram, Sita and Laxman would be heading back to Ayodhya. Ram and Sita would be getting a grand welcome with much honor and love. Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra would welcome the trio happily. Laxman’s great service to his brother Ram and Urmila’s duty towards her husband will be acknowledged by everyone.

Laxman has been with Ram by sacrificing his sleep, while Urmila has obtained Laxman’s sleep and has been sleeping for 14 years. Bharat gets back to the Rajya on Ram’s arrival. Nevertheless, major things getting fine after the couples unite. There will be few Rajya Samasya/problems answered by Ram, when Praja will question about Shatrughan’s justice done towards a laundry man’s daughter, who took shelter at a stranger’s house at night in a difficult situation. Sita’s stay in Lanka will be questioned. It has to be seen how Ram places a new ideal example for Ayodhya’s Praja.



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